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The Great Lakes Myth Society: Thursday at the Blind Pig

6. October 2004 • Brandon
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Rising Ann Arbor indie-rock band The Great Lakes Myth Society return to their home port of Tree Town this week after a year-long voyage in the distant waters of Detroit and Hamtramck. In anticipation of their upcoming album on Boston label Stop, Pop, and Roll, GLMS bring their unique brand of nautically-tinged pop and rock to the Blind Pig Thursday night. Featuring complex harmonies, tight instrumental interplay, nostalgic lyrics steeped in a strong sense of place, and the occasional accordion, The Great Lakes Myth Society just may be the best maritime-indie-folk-rock-pop-Michigania band around. High-powered, hard-drinking country-rockers Porchsleeper open, and The Javelins and Twilight Kings also play.

Thu 7
$5 / Under 21 $8. 19+ Doors 9:00 p.m.

  1. What, are the Original Brothers and Sisters of Love no more? Because they’re clearly the preeminent maritime-indie-folk-rock-pop-Michigania band in the state.
       —js    Oct. 8 '04 - 06:22PM    #
  2. Ah, JS, TOBASOL has morphed into the Great Lakes Myth Society. Violinist Liz Auchinvole has moved away, but the rest of the lineup is the same. They now rock a little bit more and wear dark suits, but it’s the same idea. Also, they (usually) only play the new songs (more consistent than TOBASOL’s catalog in my opinion) in concert. Check ‘em out sometime. I have a feeling the name change has resulted in a bit of a necessity to rebuild the fanbase, though—turnout was pretty disappointing last night. In any case, the “new” band formed in January and they’ve been gigging Detroit all year—this was the first show in Ann Arbor and it’s great stuff. They play Jacoby’s and the Elbow next weekend, I think.
       —Brandon    Oct. 8 '04 - 11:59PM    #