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Admin to Limit Student Honors

12. October 2004 • Ari Paul
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The administration has decided it will limit the amount of honors listed on students’ official transcripts.

The Daily reports:

The new policy narrows transcript notations to include eight approved honors. Previously, the list contained more than 400 honor societies, fellowships, scholarships, awards and student organization memberships, said Lester Monts, senior vice provost for academic affairs.

The change was prompted in part by the efforts of Student Voices in Action, a group formed earlier this year to protest student budget cuts, said Monts. Last spring, SVA staged protests and spoke at a University Board of Regents meeting for the removal of Michigamua, a secret society, as an honorary notation on transcripts.

Although SVA was pushing for Michigamua’s removal from transcripts, the administration decided to overhaul the entire honors system, said Matthew Stehney, president of the Native American Student Association.