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Ypsi Library Filtering Advocates Attempt to Pack Board

17. October 2004 • Murph
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The Ypsilanti District Library Board refused to install internet filters on library computers this summer, so filter advocates are attempting to win a majority on the Board by electing three pro-filter candidates to the three open board seats.

From the Ann Arbor News:

Lining up on the side of filter proponents are candidates Rick Roe, John Soukup, Marcia Phillips and Herman Love.

Candidate Shirley Bolden favors a compromise, installing filters only on computers used by young library users.

Hale, Morgan-Deckard and Andrea Schollaert say the filters are not needed because the current library Internet policy is sufficient to protect children. “We will continue to monitor the issue to be sure that this is going to be safe for all children,” Hale said.

Monitoring of internet use by staff is considered a valid control measure by the State of Michigan, and filter opponents claim filters would cost money the library doesn’t have.