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Michigan to Reward Downtowns with Liquor Licenses

20. October 2004 • Murph
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The State of Michigan is considering two bills that would distribute extra liquor licenses to cities with active downtown development programs. This program is seen as part of the “cool cities” initiative, with the intent of encouraging active downtown areas.

From the Detroit Free Press:

The criteria for getting a redevelopment license would include financial investment of at least $1 million in the development area in cities with fewer than 50,000 residents and at least $50 million in cities with 50,000 or more residents.

Under state law, communities get one quota liquor license per 1,500 people and can hand out the licenses at their discretion. But once a business has a liquor license, quota or otherwise, it can sell it within the county or put it in escrow for up to five years.

The new licenses would have to stay within the downtown area that they were granted to, avoiding the current situation where businesses transfer all of the licenses out of Farmington Hills and into Royal Oak, for example.

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  1. Yay for drinking!
    (Something else they should do is extend bar hours… I know it gets MADD in a tizzy, but being able to stay out ‘til 5am makes Chicago cooler than Detroit…)
       —js    Oct. 20 '04 - 01:38PM    #
  2. Seeking anyone (inluding license brokers) who can facilite new or transfer of ownership of a liquor license for Royal Oak, Brimingham, Troy or surrounding area for a new upscale restaurant/bar project.

    Please feel free to drop me an email….


       —Douglas DeBoer / Rebel Design+Group    Aug. 27 '06 - 03:40AM    #