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Kerry's Michigan Non-Strategy in the NY Times

22. October 2004 • Murph
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The New York Times comments that Kerry is in the lead in Michigan through no fault of his own, Kerry in the Lead, but Almost by Default

If that is no longer the case – if “the probability of his carrying the state is now very high,” as Professor Rohde said – it is not because the Democratic nominee has campaigned as hard here as he has in Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin. He has not visited the state since he spoke to the Detroit Economic Club on Sept. 15, and he is not expected back before Election Day.

In fact, Michigan does not feel all that much like a swing state, although its 17 electoral votes are an appealing target, the eighth-largest haul in the country.

. . .

“If Kerry ends up winning this state,” said Bill Ballenger, editor of Inside Michigan Politics, a widely read newsletter, “he’ll do it without working very hard for it or, in a sense, deserving it.”

  1. Except that yesterday a new poll, doen for the Detroit News, indicated Bush actually had a lead in Michigan now… something like 4 points. Not fighting for this state might hurt Kerry in the end.
       —paul    Oct. 22 '04 - 08:57PM    #
  2. I guess he decided to start working in this state. . .Paul is right, he might be hurting here. That’s why he’ll be at MCC on Monday. . .Michigan a week before the election. .I’d say that’s a swing state!
       —aj    Oct. 24 '04 - 04:56AM    #