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5. June 2004 • dilleym
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“Vice President Dick Cheney made a campaign stop in Grand Rapids and picked up a union endorsement along the way.

The Vice President spoke to the Police Officers Association of Michigan and accepted their endorsement for reelection…”

via WorldNow and WOODTV

  1. Cowardly move by Rob to take a mean spirited and factually inaccurate shot at Reagan, and not have the guts to be held accountable for his asinine comments via comments.

    Lot of class and integrity, Rob, lot of class and integrity. Why am I not surprised?
       —T.J.    Jun. 5 '04 - 08:06PM    #
  2. rob was on an airplane when the post was made…plus, his name wasn’t attached…

    stick to the facts,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jun. 5 '04 - 10:59PM    #
  3. His name was attached. You admitted in the other thread that it was you who posted that ignorant bile. And in that thread, I retracted my statement with regards to Rob.
       —T.J.    Jun. 5 '04 - 11:03PM    #
  4. So Ari may or may not have class, and TJ may or may not have the ability to post comments in the right place, but the real question remains. . .What was Cheney doing in Ann Arbor on Tuesday?!
       —Murph    Jun. 7 '04 - 01:04PM    #
  5. I didn’t post in an incorrect place. When Ari posted as Rob, he disabled comments so as not to be held accountable for his words. He then deleted the post after I made my comment in this thread.
       —T.J.    Jun. 7 '04 - 09:35PM    #
  6. Fair citizens, in response to T.J.’s comment #5, consider that Ari (and others) might just be learning the ins and outs of a blog publishing system that’s new to all of us, and hiccups are (1) minor and (2) to be expected. I probably didn’t need to write that, but hell.

    T.J.—if you want to get really paranoid about the authorial integrity of this site, why not track our RSS and Atom feeds? Rely on software to alert you to “sinister” changes to published articles, such as fixing attributions, typos, and so forth, as they occur!
       —Brian    Jun. 7 '04 - 09:56PM    #
  7. Well, perhaps then Ari should not be such a prick and just flat out admit that he screwed up here in this thread as he did in the other one.

    Instead, he said “stick to the facts” as if it were somehow my fault that he posted as Rob and didn’t allow comments.

    I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t screw up. I saw a post from Rob where he took shots at Reagan, and I went to respond, only to find that responses weren’t allowed. So I responded in this thread, only to have Ari put up the other thread and admit THERE that he screwed up, while implying that it was my fault in this thread.

    Better yet, let’s pretend we’re UM students/grads and actually have a bit of a grasp on technology instead of embarrassing our institution and alumni by not having a grasp on a simple concept like a messageboard.
       —T.J.    Jun. 7 '04 - 10:52PM    #
  8. t.j.,
    allow me to be blunt: dude, you got issues…

    -ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jun. 9 '04 - 10:45AM    #
  9. I am not the one who posted as someone else, didn’t know how to utilize simple technology, then blamed my screwup on someone else who couldn’t have had any way of knowing what had happened.

    Or, I guess my response could just be that’s the coal calling the marshmallow black.
       —T.J.    Jun. 9 '04 - 01:59PM    #
  10. BTW, don’t you complain about the use of ad hominems? That’s what you just did.

    I guess I can expect never to hear you complain about ad hominems or name calling again, eh?
       —T.J.    Jun. 9 '04 - 02:00PM    #
  11. teej,
    i accidently signed in as rob because i was using his computer, then rectified the situation within minutes, and then said “my screw up”, when did i blame someone else??? seriously dude, if THIS is what you have to get angry about then i don’t mean this is pejorititive sense, but seriously, i would seek emotional help…

    its just a blog…

    -ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jun. 9 '04 - 09:41PM    #