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Traditional vs. Online Community Organizing

26. October 2004 • Murph
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Ann Arbor is Overrated has posted an intercepted missive from the Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood Association, in which the OFW discusses the “troubling” ability of technology to provide access to local politics.

The OFW piece questions whether local political decisions “should” be subject to technological influence—an interesting question to be raising on the e-mail newsletter of a neighborhood political group.

  1. I was at the State Theater this week and Chris Crockett (Old Fourth Ward person) was walking out of a movie quoting herself about the development that was shot down by City Council. She told Council and the developers that the project (two high rise buildings on N. Main) should “Die and Go Away”.
    As I heard her saying this yet again to people in the hallway of the State Theater, it made me shudder.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all that there is a fear in numbers for the Old Fourth Ward Nimbys.
       —Lizz    Oct. 27 '04 - 05:15PM    #
  2. She was my high school librarian! Total bitch!
       —js    Oct. 27 '04 - 09:45PM    #