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Michigan/Ohio Live Election Coverage on Indymedia

1. November 2004 • Murph
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The Michigan and Ohio branches of Indymedia will be featuring live coverage of local events on Election Day, and are encouraging reports to their toll-free hotline:

Breaking News Hotline: 1 877 825 9535 – Call in breaking news regarding suspected voter disfranchisement, protest responses to injustices at the polls, and other election-related activity. Michigan IMC invites callers from MI, OH, and the rest of the US and the globe to call in news from the polls and the streets.

Michigan IndyMedia also will have a live streaming audio feed (with assistance from Ann Arbor’s WCBN) and a textmessage update/alert feed—visit the website to find both of these.

  1. I’ve been listening… in theory this is a good idea, but in reality it is pretty unprofessional and tough to listen to. Or maybe that’s the point.
       —Brandon    Nov. 2 '04 - 05:18PM    #