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2% = $9,500 - what is 2% for you?

1. November 2004 • MarkDilley
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via Mlive:

Coleman gets 2% raise to $484,500

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman received a 2 percent pay hike from the U-M Board of Regents Thursday.

Coleman’s base salary will increase from $475,000 to $484,500. The pay hike is retroactive to Sept. 1.

Coleman’s raise is the first since she assumed the presidency in August 2002. Last year, she and her administrators told regents that they would not take raises at a time when state funding was decreasing.

This year, in light of continued tight state funding, Coleman asked for a 2 percent raise, said Regent Olivia Maynard, D-Goodrich, chairperson of the board’s compensation and personnel committee. Maynard, who announced the raise during the regents meeting at the U-M-Flint campus, said the board gave Coleman “a very solid evaluation.”

Maynard said that raises also have been determined for other U-M top administrators, but Provost Paul Courant said U-M won’t release the percentage increases until later this year.

  1. Of course, a union would be simply unworkable from the University’s point of view. Their demands would bankrupt the University!
       —js    Nov. 1 '04 - 02:27PM    #
  2. When will the salary spredsheet be posted?
       —Chris    Dec. 1 '04 - 07:46AM    #