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Power Outage Temporarily Cripples U-M Servers

7. November 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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A power outage at an Ann Arbor area computing center has taken offline many University websites and services, including, email delivery, and IFS servers. According to this notice, University officials expected to have most services back online by 9 p.m., although at the time of this posting was still offline. The message was posted on the University’s gateway website, which was unaffected:

11/7/04 Data Center Power Outage

A hardware failure in the Arbor Lakes data center’s electrical infrastructure late this afternoon caused the outage of several UMCE services. Impacted services include:

  • IMAP E-Mail
  • E-Mail delivery
  • AFS (aka the Institutional File System)
  • portions of & some related web sites
  • portions of

Update: The damage caused by the abrupt loss of power to the UMCE systems was more extensive than initially anticipated. ITCS System Administrators continue to work to restore access to affected services. The cause of the original power outage was repaired at 6:00pm.

Last Updated: 9:00pm Sunday November 7th

EDIT 11:50pm, by Murph: Updated with most recent text of notice.

  1. at least it didn’t take out any of the important servers… sigh…
       —Mark    Nov. 7 '04 - 11:53PM    #
  2. Anyone have any information about the fire in Angell Hall yesterday (Sunday)—i.e., will people have access to the building during this final exam period, which resumes in two and a half hours?

    The blogosphere hasn’t been as conducive as I would have hoped WRT information sharing re: this local event affecting several UM students, faculty and staff.


       —Angell Hall?    Apr. 24 '06 - 01:41PM    #