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More Voting Irregularities

11. November 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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In addition to the reports from Ohio, there are some other statistics coming to light that cast doubt on the results of the recent election.

This article shows some alarming statistics on how Florida’s electronic voting machines performed last Tuesday. Pay attention to the % change columns for Republicans vs. Democrats.

Additionally, there were 175,000 provisional ballots cast as a result of poll challengers in Ohio. That figure comes from Republican Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell; The Dems say as many as 250,000 were cast. Challengers in Ohio were deployed exclusively by the GOP and affiliate organizations and only to urban areas and areas with large minority populations.* Statistically, the areas that had the honor of the challengers’ presence supported Kerry 4 to 1.

Compare all these numbers to the number of votes the networks report Bush having won by – about 137,000. Even if we can’t say Kerry won Ohio, a recount would be in order if Bush wants his victory to be credible.

More info:
Common Dreams: Kerry Won Worse Than 2000 – Tuesday’s Electoral Disaster Surprising Pattern of Florida’s Election Results

  • NOTE – In training sessions run by the GOP, challengers were told that they would be paid $10/hour and instructed to challenge as many voters as they could. The Democrats had many volunteer lawyers register as challengers to gain access to polling sites; they were tasked with, essentially, challenging the challengers. They were specifically instructed not to challenge a single voter. They also did it for no pay.