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Desire For Change, Continued

12. November 2004 • Murph
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Last week’s meeting in the Union’s Tap Room (see To all who have felt a desire for change)is to be continued (or replayed for those who couldn’t make the first, it’s unclear) this Saturday.

There will be another gathering of people ready for change in our world. Thevfirst step is to create connections across the widespread similarities of desire for this country and beyond. Come discuss how to do this, and what future steps might be.

Only in solidarity,
7 pm, Saturday, the 13th, Tap Room, Basement of the Union.

The organizer of this meeting, as the last one, is Oren Goldenberg,, 248-224-9063

Meanwhile, according to the Daily, more traditional campus political groups are also expecting increased participation in their organizations in the wake of the election.