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One-Worlders Take Over Ann Arbor?

12. November 2004 • Brandon
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It seems a United Nations flag inadvertantly flying higher than Old Glory at City Hall has become national news in conservative circles, apparently as further evidence that Ann Arbor is an unpatriotic Leftist hotbed.

The U.N. flag made Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly’s national radio show on Thursday after a caller questioned if it was a slap at the United States, said Scio Township’s Marion Pennock. Pennock said she heard it discussed on O’Reilly’s radio show while she was driving Thursday.

Pennock wondered why on a holiday that honored veterans, the city would fly the flag of an organization that didn’t participate in the Iraqi war.

“There are so many people, at least in Ann Arbor, that want to be under the U.N. rather than our own government,” Pennock said. “This attitude is shown by flying the U.N. flag.”

  1. hm…interesting idea. being governed by the UN rather than the US…hmmm.

    ack, sorry, it’s the unpatriotic liberal inside of me talking.
       —carolyn    Nov. 12 '04 - 08:36PM    #