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Detroit Nation's Most Sleepless City

14. November 2004 • Murph
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The New York Times “Style” section reports that Detroit is the worst American city for sleeping in:

One of the big causes of insomnia is stress,” said Dr. Meir H. Kryger, a former president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and now a professor of medicine at the University of Manitoba. “Right now in the United States, there is a lot of stress for various reasons: the election, the war in Iraq, the economy. People are watching the news constantly, and most of it is bad.”

Detroit has no shortage of stress inducers. Its rates of poverty and crime and divorce were all factors in its ranking at the bottom of the new sleep report. The report was compiled by a company called Sperling’s BestPlaces, in partnership with the makers of Ambien.

Somewhat more information on the study is available at Sperling’s website. See also Ann Arbor is Overrated’s comments on Sperling.