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Business to be an option for U-M frosh

15. November 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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From ‘B-school to begin admitting freshmen’:

Instead of the current two-year program that only accepts juniors, the school will now accept freshmen and sophomores into a three- or four-year program, depending on when these underclassmen decide to apply.

Next year, the Business School will continue to offer enrollment for juniors, to ensure that nobody misses the opportunity to apply.

The webpage for the article also shows this comment from B-School BBA program director Scott Moore:

To clarify one point from the article: We will actually be accepting juniors for enrollment in Fall 2005 and Fall 2006. The Fall 2006 entering class will be the last one for juniors.

In Fall 2006 we will accept our first small group of freshman (about 70) and a full class of sophomores (about 350). In Fall 2007 we will again accept about 70 freshmen but we will only accept about 280 sophomores (who will join the previous year’s freshman class, making up the full class of 350). It will be about the same in future years, though we will adjust the ratio of freshmen and sophomores as we gain experience with those student populations.

More info: U-M Ross School of Business