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Stabenow becomes Democratic Caucus Secretary

16. November 2004 • Murph
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Michigan’s Debbie Stabenow has been selected by her fellow Senate Democrats to be the Democratic Caucus Secretary, the third highest-ranking caucus position after Leader and Whip.

From a press release in advance of this selection,

“I look forward to taking on this leadership position which will allow me to more effectively fight for the things that matter most to the people of Michigan and get the job done,” said Stabenow. “We have important work ahead of us on critical issues like stopping Canadian trash, making health care and prescription drugs more affordable, protecting our manufacturing economy and creating good paying jobs. I look forward to continuing to lead the fight on these important issues.”

Meanwhile, President Bush’s Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham has announced his resignation from the cabinet. Abraham is a former Michigan Senator who was defeated by Stabenow in 2000.

The former U.S. senator from Michigan faced numerous problems as the longest serving energy secretary in history: skyrocketing energy prices, the controversial development of Yucca Mountain in Nevada for spent nuclear fuel storage, and an electricity blackout that darkened much of Michigan and several other states in 2003. He also promoted advanced fuel technologies and fought nuclear weapons proliferation, but has been unsuccessful persuading Congress to pass a comprehensive energy bill.

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