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Student Elections Underway

17. November 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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Voting in U-M student government elections began today at midnight. Students have until tomorrow (Thursday, 11/18) at 11:59 PM to cast their ballots. Voting is done online at

Students can vote for MSA representatives from their school, and for representatives to their school’s government (e.g. LSA-SG for LSA students and UMEC for Engineers).

Results should be available mid-Friday.

  1. I’d like to endorse urban planning’s own Jenifer Huestis and my housemate Stephan Lindner as my first and second choices, respectively, for the Rackham/Social Sciences slot.

    Only other person I know anything whatsoever about is Rese Fox, UG-LSA, who wants MSA to have an active presence in Lansing and in the A2 City Council (I’m not sure whether she means on the council or just an active lobbyist).
       —Murph    Nov. 17 '04 - 03:22PM    #