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18. November 2004 • Murph
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Steven Cherry, author of Ypsilanti blog Seat of the Revolution, has found a distributor for his police scanner files at

In an effort to franchise the idea, I’m in the process of publishing my code and methodology to the sourceforge project kypd. Currently kypd is mostly open-source tools with a couple of scripts holding it all together. As the ground freezes I hope to make it easier to install and publish a stable release.

Finally, with burden of archiving lifted, I should be able to offer scanner audio in mp3 format instead of the arcane but economical spx format. Not only will this allow more accessabilty to scanner audio but the possiblity of podcasting presents itself.

As many of you know, the Revolution is soon moving to Hamtramck. While I’ll be caputring Metro Detroit after the move, I hope someone in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area will get a scanner rig going.

For more information on the Revolution’s scanner adventures, look to Steven’s “radio” posts, including directions on playing his older spx format files on Windows and OS X and an explanation of what you’re hearing.

Enjoy, but mind his legal notes,

It may be illegal to listen to these audio files in a motor vehicle in the State of Michigan. It’s a felony to use a police scanner or recordings thereof in the commission of a crime.

Edit, 11/19: The scanner recordings hosted on are public domain. Enjoy.

  1. An update to the legal note:

    Once the recordings are uploaded to they become public domain!
       —Steven Cherry    Nov. 19 '04 - 02:16AM    #
  2. The mailing list is up:
       —Steven Cherry    Nov. 19 '04 - 02:29AM    #