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Ann Arbor Public Schools' Achievement Gap

23. November 2004 • Dumi Lewis
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Ann Arbor is once again in the national news… unfortunately it is for the Black-White academic achievement gap. Time covers the gap which has been the subject of much attention on a local level, but never reached the prominence of the gaps that are often spoken about in urban areas. Ann Arbor is one of the highest performing districtsin the state, but also has one of the largest achievement gaps in grades and MEAP scores between races.

  1. “Not everyone in Ann Arbor is enthusiastic about Fornero’s approach to narrowing the achievement gap. Some white residents have complained that the efforts to bring black students up to par will divert resources from other students.”

    And this, boys and girls, is what makes Ann Arbor “liberal”. Emphasis on the quotes.
       —Murph    Nov. 23 '04 - 04:21PM    #
  2. Yeah, what the hell is this? Even Ann Arbor has a long way to go. I think getting Greens in the City Government would do a lot.
       —Edward Atkinson    Nov. 29 '04 - 12:36PM    #