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No UMich buses over Thanksgiving

24. November 2004 • Murph
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The University’s buses won’t run Thanksgiving Day or Friday this year, due to budget cuts. In the past, the buses have only stopped on Christmas Day and New Years Day; the Fourth of July and Memorial Day are also being added to the list of bus-free days. Parking and Transportation Services director David Miller noted that the buses cost “five times as much” on holidays as on a normal weekend; presumably that number is a per-rider figure.

AATA buses will not run on Thanksgiving Day, but will run a normal schedule on Friday.

The Daily’s editorial staff decries the holiday bus cuts, noting that the savings are a mere $10k, insignificant in the face of, for example, this year’s $400k price tag of increased bus service to Northwood. Compared to the hardship imposed on North Campus residents, a significant number of whom are not, in fact, leaving town, the Daily feels that the savings are not large enough to justify the lapse. This planner agrees.