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Neighbors don't like UMich employees' cars, either

25. November 2004 • Murph
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It’s not just students whose cars annoy neighborhood groups. University employees, too, are drawing the ire of neighbors for parking in outlying neighborhoods and walking to campus, rather than paying for a parking permit.

From the Ann Arbor News, Commuter parking irks campus-area residents:

But residents of the Ann Arbor neighborhoods where the commuters park are increasingly crying foul. They’re fed up with commuters grabbing all the precious on-street parking.

Three neighborhood associations are now talking about petitioning the city of Ann Arbor to restrict parking on their streets – perhaps by issuing resident parking permits – to keep nonresidents from leaving their cars there all day.

The Old Fourth Ward, Oxbridge, and North Burns Park neighborhoods are each considering a petition for resident-only parking, which would need 60% of the homeowners in the neighborhood to sign in order to bring the issue before the City Council. If the Council approved the request, permits would be issued to residents who could show they live in the neighborhood and whose cars are registered in the City of Ann Arbor. The North Burns Park association is considering waiving the registration requirement, recognizing that students often don’t have their cars registered here, but would want a limit on the number of permits per household.

AATA’s 2010 strategic plan envisions express transit service for commuters coming from locations like Chelsea, Milan, Brighton, Jackson, and Plymouth; the first few of these lines, linking probably Chelsea or Milan to Ann Arbor, has been discussed for happening as early as this past August—this would hopefully alleviate some of the parking demand in Ann Arbor by decreasing the number of cars entering the city, but hasn’t happened yet.

Additionally, I can’t find any more information on it beyond my own report of something that AATA’s Chris White said at a hearing last winter, so I don’t know why it hasn’t happened.

  1. Ironically, in the article residents also complain about greek houses where more people have cars than there are parking spots, while these same residents are arguing that there is a parking problem because some people in the neighborhood buy a second or third car that won’t fit in the driveway and there are no spots in the street. So it’s not only anti-student, but blatantly hypocritical. Liberal Ann Arbor my ass.
       —V    Nov. 26 '04 - 02:34AM    #
  2. Yeah, the part about how families want to buy cars for teenage kids but can’t find parking spots made me smile…
       —Murph    Nov. 26 '04 - 05:47PM    #
  3. I’m a no vote on this one too-and, for my “permanent resident” neighbors (of four years now) in the “Old Fourth Ward” (is this like a Southerner calling himself part of the “Old Confederacy”?)-don’t bother coming by with that petition.

    Parking is a pain in the ass, and students bringing cars into Ann Arbor are definitely pushing an already precarious situation over the edge (as anyone who’s been around over the summer, when there is less student-parking problem, knows).

    But students have built no power at the AA City Council, and haven’t built much re: parking and housing issues at UM. So putting the onus of finding a solution back on students is idiotic. My “permanent resident” neighbors should use their direct hotline to city hall to get this problem solved by adding more parking and getting a goddamn decent regional transportation plan going.

    Feh. AP
       —AP    Nov. 29 '04 - 01:11PM    #