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'Baghdad Bulletin' now Available on U-M Press

27. November 2004 • Ari Paul
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You can now order a copy David Enders’ new book, ‘Baghdad Bulletin’, from the University of Michigan Press’ website.

One can also secure a copy through .

David Enders was a writer and editor for the Michigan Daily, and founded the first English language news magazine in Iraq. He has written for various newspapers and magazines since then, and is currently residing in New York. This is his first book.

From the publisher:

Baghdad Bulletin tells David Enders’ story of his decision to go to Baghdad, where he opened the only English-language newspaper completely written, printed, and distributed in Iraq during the war.

Young, courageous and anti-authoritarian, Enders is the first reporter to provide a frank account of the war as experienced by ordinary Iraqis. Deprived of the press credentials that gave his embedded colleagues access to press conferences and officially-sanitized information, Enders tells the story of a different war, outside the Green Zone. It is a story in which the struggle of everyday life is interspersed with moments of sheer terror and bizarre absurdity: an American tank trains its 25-mm gun on his head from 50 feet away; a troupe of European clowns wreak merry havoc in an Iraqi police station.

Baghdad Bulletin depicts a new kind of warfare: not the video-game image of armies shooting it out in empty streets, but a war that coexists with—and sometimes dangerously veers into—the everyday rhythms of life; a war in which the battle for the streets is matched step for step by a battle for information.