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MSA, AAFD to hold couch ban forum

29. November 2004 • Murph
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The Michigan Student Assembly will be holding a student forum on the City’s proposed outdoor couch ban (as Councilmember Leigh Greden noted, “It’s not dead! It’s not dead!”). The forum will be Tuesday, 7 December, at 6:30pm in the MSA Chambers (3rd Floor of the Michigan Union).

MSA has also contacted the Ann Arbor Fire Department asking for background information such as frequency of house fires involving couches vs. originating in couches (both indoor and outdoor), quality of housing stock relative to cities which have enacted outdoor couch bans (East Lansing, Madison), arson rates, and housing stock compliance with electrical code. Hopefully we’ll have that information to post here before Tuesday’s forum.

Contact MSA Treasurer Anita Leung (awleung at for more information.