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3. December 2004 • Murph
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The Ann Arbor News today runs an article on The Planet, a new retail store/meeting space on South University:

. The store “was kind of a solution to all the problems at the same time.”

One of the problems, as de Angeli saw it, was the paucity of places for people of like minds to gather. The only existing politically minded gathering place was the local Democratic headquarters, but de Angeli said he was turned off by their tactics and disgusted that the Democrats failed to remove George Bush from office.

Since the shop has been open, business has steadily improved, and de Angeli said it’s gratifying to see people walking around campus wearing clothes purchased there. But in the end, de Angeli hopes that ideas will be the real products sold.

“We are really just selling things to pay the rent,” he said.

Aside from a self-endorsement on Livejournal a few weeks ago, I haven’t heard anything about them—can anybody comment on how well they’re shaping up as either a store or a meeting space?

  1. I’ve been there for a group meeting regarding the counter inaugural on January 20th. They have a room in back with space where about 30 people were able to fit. In front there are couches for smaller meetings.

    The store itself is also real nice. They have everything from political t-shirts, sweat-shop-free clothing, analytical writings, posters, spray paint, magazines, and probably a lot more.

    I wish them the best.
       —Adam    Dec. 3 '04 - 06:54PM    #
  2. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE The Planet! They have all kinds of awesome products and the coolest staff in town. I love shopping there and knowing that I’m supporting the kihd of store I want to be supporting and not your average “feeding the corporate fire with gasoline purchased from your money” kinda store. I highly reccomend it!
       —Paige    Dec. 26 '04 - 06:42PM    #
  3. I really enjoy shopping at the planet. It is a great store, everything fromt he well written Tees to the very nice and educated staff. I absolutley love it, and like paige said it indeed is good to know that you are supporting the store that you want to support.
       —Nadine    Aug. 19 '05 - 12:23AM    #
  4. The Band Vantage Ground is going to be playing there on Saturday October 8th. The show will start around 8:00 and feature 3 bands, you should deffinatly all make it out to the show, as it is a FREE SHOW!
       —George    Sep. 26 '05 - 10:16PM    #
  5. Anyone know if the Planet has a website? Pls respond via email…
       —Parry    Oct. 3 '05 - 11:12PM    #
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