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Nine Theta Chis arrested for home invasion, theft

5. December 2004 • Murph
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From the Ann Arbor News:

Nine college fraternity members were arrested and may face charges of home invasion after they were caught taking composite pictures from a University of Michigan sorority house early Saturday morning, authorities said.

Police responded to a call about 4 a.m. at the Delta Delta Delta Sorority at 1718 Tappan Ave., according to Ann Arbor Police Sgt. Pat Ouellette.
. . .
Police said the men were members of Theta Chi Fraternity, which has a chapter at U-M. The value of the composites was estimated at more than $6,000, police said.

  1. Isn’t this kind of thing a sort of tradition among the Greeks? Why are the police wasting time investigating this?
       —Adam    Dec. 5 '04 - 05:00PM    #
  2. “composite” pictures? What does this mean, exactly?
       —Brandon    Dec. 5 '04 - 10:14PM    #
  3. “composite pictures” in this case, says the rest of the article, are big things with individual pictures of all of the members of a sorority in a given year.

    Adam, it may be traditional, but if the targets are going to call the cops on you, “tradition” isn’t going to go all that far. (And, if it were a neighbor that called the cops, the sorority just has to decline to press charges.)
       —Murph    Dec. 5 '04 - 10:35PM    #
  4. I think that any crime perpetrated against one Greek organization by another is best served by referal to Greek justice. Punish with the paddle, leave my tax dollars out of protecting dolts from other dolts.
       —js    Dec. 6 '04 - 11:22AM    #
  5. js, exactly what I was trying to get at
       —Adam    Dec. 6 '04 - 11:30AM    #
  6. A Lord of the Flies solution to the problem has a certain appeal, I’ll admit, but do we really want to encourage them to escalate back and forth in the name of justice? I’ve got co-oper friends whose houses/cars already catch enough collateral damage from greek stupidity without encouraging gang warfare.
       —Murph    Dec. 6 '04 - 12:37PM    #
  7. I see only one rational solution to all of this: shoot them all, let god sort them out.
       —Kat    Dec. 7 '04 - 03:02AM    #
  8. Kat, I disagree in the strongest terms. They should be drowned in rain barrels, and their remains burned on their lawns. That’ll teach ‘em to burgle!
       —js    Dec. 7 '04 - 03:18AM    #