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10. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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I recently attended a screening of the newly released documentary The Control Room, which I heard was set to open in 40 cities nationwide this Friday. This excellent documentary examined the operations of the Al Jazeera satallite news network during the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 1993. The screening I attended featured a question and answer session with Hassan Ibrahim, a journalist with Al Jazeera featured in the documentary. “You have the most dangerous weapon in the world,” he admonished the theatre’s overflow crowd, “the ballot box. Use it.” More coverage will be forthcoming.

Also, apparently the Republicans are struggling to find art which won’t offend the conservative sensibilities of RNC delegates, which will come to New York in late August: Reuters: “Broadway’s Best Shows Too Risque for Republicans”

  1. Well, since Harvey Fierstein is leaving, “Hair” just wouldn’t be the same anyway…Orrin Hatch would love seeing a flamboyantly gay man playing a woman in a musical about infidelity…nice.

    Stoopid stoopid stoopid…

    I love musical theater,
       —Ruben    Jun. 10 '04 - 05:18AM    #
  2. Control Room opens at the Michigan Theater on Friday, June 18. I’m looking forwards to it.
       —Brian    Jun. 10 '04 - 08:54AM    #
  3. I’ve heard nothing but good reports regarding Control Room. Several people in my office are interested.
       —Eric Goldberg    Jun. 10 '04 - 12:26PM    #