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Gagnon Reports from Law School La-La Land

9. December 2004 • Ari Paul
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Former Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Daily, Geoffrey Gagnon, has a mighty interesting piece about Jerry Falwell’s new law school in Legal Affairs.

  1. Isn’t there a law school like that on plymouth road, started by the Domino’s Pizza guy Tom M.
       —Just a Voice    Dec. 10 '04 - 11:56AM    #
  2. i don’t know if they teach law there, but there is definitly a catholic college endowed by him…

    the passive voices was written by me,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Dec. 10 '04 - 01:28PM    #
  3. no, the college was in Ypsi, just by EMU, I think called Ave Maria College. That is moving to Florida for whatever reason. There was just an article in the Ann Arbor Observer (i think thats where i read it) about how they are moving and the local staff was trying to save the school from leaving, I think by buying it and making it it’s own school seperate of Tom M.

    The law school is on Plymoth road, I know I’ve read an article or two on it also, they want to be just like the school in the article. I think that one was called Ave Maria Law School, but not 100% sure.
       —Just a Voice    Dec. 10 '04 - 03:06PM    #
  4. JAV – you’re right. its a law school – and in fact has seem to have gotten quite a bit of national attention (Scalia spoke there). Moreover, Ave Maria School of Law has the highest Michigan bar passage rate.

    While scarry – i think the statistic is misleading, b/c most UofM kids take the NY or IL bars.

       —David LIvshiz    Dec. 10 '04 - 06:09PM    #
  5. “While scarry – i think the statistic is misleading, b/c most UofM kids take the NY or IL bars.” -livshizzle

    that’s true…in fact, i find at many of the high end schools, no matter, where they are located, people are taking the bar in either those two states, cali or d.c….

    in fact, i think u-m law school, one of the best in the nation, only has like 13 percent going on to practice law in michigan…

    sad, sad, sad,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Dec. 10 '04 - 06:15PM    #
  6. wow ari – thats amazing. you and justice THomas agree on something (check out his concurence in Grutter). ;)

       —David LIvshiz    Dec. 11 '04 - 12:33AM    #
  7. Lower-ranked law schools usually gear towards the bar. It’s really a matter of practicality vs. theory. Cooley teaches you to be a lawyer. Michigan teaches you legal theory.

    That’s why UM Law grads are useless as attorneys (they work for big firms for six or eight years, doing legal research and learning how to apply the law), and Cooley grads are useless as law profs.

    Ave Maria is based in the metro Ann Arbor area, but will move to Florida. Tom Monaghan is building a Catholic city there, infrastructure and all, and Ave Maria University is going to be the center piece of the entire city. It’s similar to what Pat Robertson is doing with Regent University, I think.

    The people trying to keep it in Michigan are wasting their time. Monaghan doesn’t want to sell, and for him to sell and then start up a new law school, with a different name than the University in Florida (Monaghan already has Ave Maria University in Florida…the law school just hasn’t moved yet), would be stupid and pointless. He would just have to go through the accreditation process all over again, and suffer through the pains of trying to find people willing to pay to attend a non-accredited school all over again.
       —T.J.    Dec. 12 '04 - 01:55AM    #
  8. ahm – TJ- i had the pleasure of working with four UofM studnents this summer at a law firm – and you know what – we all did practicle work.

    And i hate to break it to you -most junior associates at major firms do in fact act as lawyers – giving counsel, and representing clients in court. Some do it through pro-bono (imigration, domestic violence) and some do it through smaller clients. the bottom line – is that peopel who go to cooley will have tough time with questionable cases – b/c they dont’ know the theory. adn peopel from Michigan will be bored by the run of the mill car accident. its a question of lifestyle choice, not skill.
       —David LIvshiz    Dec. 12 '04 - 03:52AM    #
  9. Whatever you say, David.

    Top schools teach theory. Lower ranked schools teach application.

    And your Cooley insult is ridiculous when you consider that DCL, ranked lower than Cooley, spawned the richest trial lawyer in America. Law school is a numbers game, and numbers don’t always mean much. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people much brighter than the average Harvard student who are at 4th tier schools. And you have lots of people at Yale who wouldn’t even be in the top half at a school like Suffolk.
       —T.J.    Dec. 13 '04 - 05:09AM    #
  10. T.J.,

    I work every day with U of M law students at U of M’s Family Law Project who are learning a hell of a lot about the practice of law, working on actual cases. Not every student gets this kind of experience, but a lot of them do, so would you please put away your blanket assertions?
       —Scott T.    Dec. 13 '04 - 11:46AM    #
  11. i love this, t.j., a maladjusted recluse who to our knowledge, doesn’t do much of anything, is arguing that HE knows more about u-m law school (and law schools in general) with an nyu law student and a u-m law school employee…

    man, i knew this kid would go low, but never this low…

    impressed with t.j.’s lack of shame,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Dec. 13 '04 - 11:49AM    #