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Pioneer student held in shooting

9. December 2004 • Murph
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A 16-year-old Pioneer High School student was shot to death at home yesterday afternoon while skipping class; a classmate is being held as a suspect. The Ann Arbor News reports,

Police gave few details about what they believe happened inside the small tan home at 3657 Maple Road. The victim was identified this morning as Jordan Coleman, 16, also a junior at Pioneer.
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Police believe Coleman and the suspect both went to school Wednesday morning but left together and did not attend classes, Ann Arbor Detective Sgt. Jeff Connelly said today. The suspect returned to Pioneer around 11 a.m. and told the school’s police officer, Jack Foster, that he had been involved in a shooting, Lt. Michael Logghe said. Police would not reveal what the youth told Foster.

UPDATE, 10 Dec: The suspect has been charged, but the prosecutor has not yet decided whether to seek trial as an adult or as a juvenile. From the Ann Arbor News,

Among a dozen students approached by The News on Thursday afternoon, only senior Roshard Thomason said he knew the suspect.

He said he’d never gotten a negative vibe from the teen, adding, “He’s not a bad kid.”

Thomason also said the suspect had several friends, and that he was a good friend of Jordan.

The Court granted a request by the suspect’s attorney to seek psychological evaluation while awaiting the prosecution’s decision.

  1. Jordan was my cousin. Today (9/27/05) in court the Judge in charge of sentencing Ryan Bower postponed the actual sentencing. He didn’t think that 10 to 15 years for killing my cousin and claims of partial amnesia was acceptable. We go back to court in a month when the defense has to decided what they are going to do. If they decide to get further phycilogical evaluations the Judge is going to appoint an Independent Phycologist to do it. You should go to the court and get the public documents and read up on it before publishing this comment (if you do). Hopefully Judge Shelton continues to have enough common sense AND humanity to know that a pre-meditated malicous murder should NOT get ONLY 10 to 15 years for his crime. If we can get a longer sentence for what Ryan did it will go to great lengths in rebuilding our families faith in the Justice System. Anyone who wants to see Ryan go away for a much longer time should write to the Judge and tell him so. Maybe with the support of our community we can make the world a little safer.

       —Summer Vasher    Sep. 28 '05 - 06:06AM    #