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County officials' swearing-in, January 5

10. December 2004 • Murph
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Mark your calendars, bloggers, as our own Larry Kestenbaum will be sworn in as Wastenaw County Clerk/Registrar of Deeds on January 5, 2005. The ceremony will be held at 4 pm, at 200 N. Main Street, on the lower level. The County Sheriff, Prosecutor, Drain Commission, and County Treasurer will also be sworn in at this time, and there’s rumor of free food.

Larry’s blog, Polygon, the Dancing Bear, has been temporarily closed, as negative comments directed at him or at the outgoing Clerk-Registrar had been appearing in his comments section; he expects to reopen it by January at the absolute latest.

  1. They are having a retirement party for the lady he’s replacing. A going away party of sorts, it will be open to the public at webers, cant remember the date or time, but its $10 a head (from ann arbor news local section a few days ago)
       —Just a Voice    Dec. 12 '04 - 11:48AM    #