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Northfield Township election errors prevent recount

12. December 2004 • Murph
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A Township trustee race separated by only one vote cannot be recounted due to procedural errors, reports the Ann Arbor News:

[Washtenaw County chief deputy clerk Melanie] Weidmayer said that in one of the precincts, the seal number on the ballot container had not been recorded in the poll book. In the two other precincts, the number of ballots in the containers exceeded the number of voters recorded as having voted, she said. The number of extra ballots was six in one precinct and nine in another, Weidmayer said.

Both kinds of problems prevent recounting the ballots, she said. Because the precincts could not be recounted, the vote will stand as originally certified, Weidmayer said.

With the existing ballot counts, showing a one vote victory by Democrat David Gordon over Republican Lenore Zelenock, the Northfield Township board has Republicans holding Supervisor, Clerk, and two Trustee positions, and Democrats holding Treasurer and the other two Trustee positions.

Thanks to commenter Just a Voice for the note that it’s not just Ohio that can’t run a proper election.