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U Towers Rains Trash

13. December 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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I’m currently (10 am) watching somebody toss personal items, from books to a fan, to a dresser drawer, from the 12th floor of U Towers on South U. The police have yet to arrive.

  1. Come on, man! Pictures!
       —Murph    Dec. 13 '04 - 01:51PM    #
  2. Yeah. I gotta start toting a digital camera that can take a picture worth a damn… My phone camera just doesn’t cut it…
       —Scott T.    Dec. 13 '04 - 02:37PM    #
  3. The police did arrive. Not sure what happened and don’t have time to investigate. I’d look for a story in tomorrow’s papers. If anyone has details, please post here.
       —Scott T.    Dec. 13 '04 - 02:38PM    #
  4. the dispatch is somewhere around 20:00 into the first file. lots of car accidents this morning, so it’s kind of hard to sort out.
       —Hillary    Dec. 13 '04 - 09:42PM    #
  5. Here’s the AA News story:
       —Marc R.    Dec. 14 '04 - 01:36PM    #