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Chabad House Menorah Vandalized

13. December 2004 • Ari Paul
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The Michigan Daily reports:

A 15-foot menorah was found destroyed on the front steps of Chabad House at 715 Hill St. Saturday morning. The menorah, the traditional symbol of Hanukkah, was built of gold-colored PVC pipes and had been torn down and left twisted on the sidewalk…

“For someone to actually go and maliciously destroy a menorah, there has to be some kind of hate there,” Chabad House Director Altoer Goldstein said. “It’s something very dramatic.”

Goldstein said the house’s leadership has not yet ruled out alcohol as a motivator.

“Maybe someone was under the influence,” Goldstein said. “But that does not justify in any way their action. It wasn’t just a menorah but a Jewish symbol that was vandalized.”