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More on UM/Google partnership

14. December 2004 • Murph
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The official pages for the UMich libraries’ partnership with Google are up:

> UM News Service: Google/U-M project opens the way to universal access to information
> FAQ from UMich

I don’t see any information yet on how to show only results from books, so I haven’t been able to get any hits for books yet.

  1. According to the New York Times, google is setting up some kind of remote scanning operation in AA. Does anyone have more information about that facility itself? or job opportunities?
       —Mark    Dec. 15 '04 - 12:00AM    #
  2. You can search for books in a regular google search by including the word “books” or “books about” and then your search term.
       —Andrew    Dec. 15 '04 - 06:42AM    #
  3. Hmmm….Searching for books about the only returns three book results. Must be a very very small sample they’ve scanned so far.
       —Murph    Dec. 15 '04 - 12:55PM    #
  4. Not so small that a person can’t read about the History of Ann Arbor, though!
       —Brian    Dec. 15 '04 - 01:55PM    #
  5. I long ago stopped reading Slashdot—has anybody posted a script to pull down all of the pages of a book from google and concatenate them into a single document?
       —Murph    Dec. 15 '04 - 03:50PM    #