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Wild animals invade Pierpont Commons

15. December 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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Nature's Early Morning Invasion

Actually, just this deer I caught grazing in the bushes outside the North Campus union at 3 am. She seemed used to people approaching with digital cameras. Sorry for the poor quality – didn’t want the flash to scare her away…

  1. I spent a summer living in Bursley as a summer camp counselor. The Bursley DPS officer hated us, because we would always prop open doors to get air flow through the building, and then he’d have to come (carefully) chase skunks out of the building.
       —Murph    Dec. 15 '04 - 03:47PM    #
  2. Calvary Cemetery is located on the boundary between the city of Chicago and the city of Evanston, just off Lake Michigan, surrounded by dense urban territory for miles in every landward direction. It’s flat and almost treeless. The internal road runs straight from the front gate to the back gate, and you can see right through it.

    So then how did a family of deer come to live there, lurking among the granite monuments? Did they swim across the lake? Nobody knows.

    Fact is that deer are highly adaptable creatures. “Rats with hooves” is quite apt. There are more deer in North America today than when Columbus landed, because deer have taken advantage of manmade environments.
       —Larry Kestenbaum    Dec. 17 '04 - 08:55AM    #