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AU site design: request for submission

21. December 2004 • Murph
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Readership, I demand obedience!

Wait, I mean “request for submissions”, not “submission”. In that case, forget that obedience thing. . .The real post will begin now. Ahem.

The ArborUpdate writers are not particularly attached to the current site design. In fact, we often discuss scrapping it and redesigning, but never actually get around to it. Therefore, we would like to invite any reader who is more graphically talented than we are to design a new layout, logo, color scheme, etc. Please contact us at with ideas, prototypes, stylesheets, or whatever else you would like us to consider.

If you know design but don’t know the technical details of web design, one of us can help you with the implementation. (Or, if you know the technical details of web design, but aren’t inspired to come up with an actual design, feel free to volunteer to help with implementation—it will speed up the process over having me or Scott write the code.)

If we use your design, you will be credited, linked to, and given other ego-related compensation.