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U-M relief efforts

30. December 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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A website has been set up to display information on student efforts to aid relief in South Asia:

You can also join an e-mail group to help coordinate the various fundraising activities on campus (you must log in w/ a U-M uniqname to join the group; if you do not have one, e-mail and ask to be added):
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  1. For those of us wanting to contribute to sustainable reconstruction done by local people, here’s another nonprofit to consider:

    Architecture for Humanity:
    Raising $100,000, when coupled with pro-bono design services and material donations, will allow for the building of more than just basic shelter, but the construction of schools, infrastructure and medical clinics. With a more holistic and sustainable approach of reconstruction, a truly worldchanging idea, the funds will help to build beyond simple dwellings to live but create real communities for life to grow, rebuild and renew.
       —Lisa    Jan. 2 '05 - 10:06PM    #
  2. thanks lisa—- i’ll add this to the website
       —Matt H    Jan. 3 '05 - 05:44PM    #