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Davison High School snubs Moore, salts earth

15. January 2005 • Murph
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Michael Moore’s alma mater, Davison High School, has rejected Moore’s nomination to the school Hall of Fame four times in its four years of existence, and this year completely cancelled inductions to the Hall in order to cut off conversation about Moore.

Get Mike In, a website run by Davison grad Ryan Eashoo, collected more than 600 submissions supporting Moore’s induction, prompting Davison to halt the nomination process and suspend inductions indefinitely.

From the Flint Journal,

A lightning rod even before his film career, Moore was notorious early on for wearing a sandwich board and protesting at Davison’s main intersection and often was criticized for sparking debate while a member of the Davison School Board [at age 18].

In recent articles, other members of the nominating committee pointed to Moore’s practice of picking at his toes during board meetings as behavior unbecoming of someone who might be considered for the hall.

Moore proponents, meanwhile, see such thinking as short-sighted.

“All we want to do is get this man in there because of all the accomplishments he’s achieved. But the members told us not to waste our time when we began submitting his name,” said Ryan Eashoo, the Davison High School alumni leading the recent effort to induct Moore.

Former Davison Mayor Kay Adair has criticized the decision, saying,

“Bottom line, they’re cowards for doing this. ... I’m disturbed at what they’ve done,”
. . .
“Do we not want to encourage our young people to be independent thinkers? Obviously not.”

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  1. So he’s from Davison, not even Flint? That’s like someone from Chelsea saying they’re from Ann Arbor.
       —Brandon    Jan. 16 '05 - 04:39PM    #
  2. Hey, piss off!
       —Murph    Jan. 16 '05 - 08:59PM    #
  3. Brandon, its soo true. Michael was born in Flint, but moved to Davison when he was 5 years old..
       —Ryan Michael Eashoo    May. 8 '05 - 04:02AM    #
  4. murph and Ryan Michael Eashoo
    well yes michael was born in Flint buthe claims to have grown up in flint in a interview with Ron Sheldon, “Exclusive Interview with Michael Moore of TV Nation,” People’s Weekly World(september 23, 1995. Available from

    he is bunch of hype and anti american as he goes acrossed america and europ saying how stupid we are in this country which completely ignoriant. also instead of trying to change the Problems and help people to learn to read he just goes around trying to say how stupid we all are.

    I saw how full of crap he was after watching fahrenheit 9/11 twice. this was a time I was trying to decide to be Republican or Demarcate. well I changed my mind on being demacrate of course.

    pluse we have all become ignoriant for us being in Iraq becuase of him and others. i have evan heard people say let saddam kill his own people. if we ever want world peace we will never have it with some one like saddam. pluse we never think on how is it that Saddam has anything to do with Bin Laden (i have also heard stupid questions of why are we in Afghanistan? how stupid are?) well I’ll make it basic Saddam’s enemy is the western world(America) Bin Laden’s enemy is also America perhaps does not mean much but when you get to know Saddam and also Bin Laden you could see why they would become business partners, im i could here them say hey if you run in truble or need any help im there for you.

    all saddam was interested in was himself and building his palaces as his people starved.

    pluse many Iraqis are great for us to free them from saddam. my father was there and also one of myfriends brothern laws were there and meet the Iraqi people. one said to my father saying “one day we will all be in heaven dressed in white”.
    these people vaule there new freedoms.

    i wish iraq could have freed in another way then war but sometimes it ends up being hard way to get freedom but freedom is not free.
    pluse dont forget we are not there to keep iraq but free it and let them govern them self in freedom.

    i mean we did not want to go to war with Adolf Hitler and people(America first, i beleve was one group) said the same things as they did about the Iraqi war but how do we see ww2 now. pluse if it were not for us the Nazi government would probably still be in control of europe.

    any way he was born in Flint but he claims to have grewn up there but it was in davison is were he grew up
       —michal hates america    Jul. 20 '05 - 04:29PM    #
  5. ho hum.
       —Dale    Jul. 20 '05 - 05:32PM    #
  6. ignoriant?
       —Parking Structure Dude!    Jul. 20 '05 - 08:11PM    #
  7. ignoriant = ignorant

    I will admit that most artist and evan prfestional writers strugle sometimes with spelling why do you think they have Editors.

    an exsample, when I was young I wrote a professional artist named Danny Miki the Inker for the comic SPAWN. I wish I still had the print out but there were a few missed spelled word he also said sorry for his spelling which was okay for me plus I am going into graphic design and all my teachers struggle at times with there spelling are professional designers but they are intellgent people.

    im sure you have miss spelled a word in your life time.
       —michal hates america    Jul. 20 '05 - 09:04PM    #
  8. Perhaps, but never with such gusto.

    You really should work on your spelling and grammar. It, or the absence of it, undermines your argument, portions of which are valid. Michael Moore is a tool.

    If you cannot express yourself clearly, it gives the impression that you cannot think clearly. And why should anyone consider the opinions of a person who doesn’t think clearly?

    You really should, and I say this not to condescend, but you really should consider taking a class in basic grammar, or expository writing. If you happen to be a student at U of M (and I pray to God that you aren’t) look into a class taught by John Rubadeau in the English department. And take it seriously. If you do, he can fix you up. The truth is that your spelling, while atrocious, isn’t the worst of your problems. Your writing is also incoherent. You may posses a brilliant intellect, but you come across as ignorant and illiterate. I trust that no one reading this will disagree with me.

    But at the very least, run things through spell-check. In the previous sentence I misspelled intellect. I also just misspelled misspelled. How stupid would that make me look? In fact, I’m a lousy speller. But before I posted this, I pasted it into my e-mailer and double-checked the spelling. It can’t fix your there vs. their vs. they’re confusion, but it would be a start.
       —Parking Structure Dude!    Jul. 21 '05 - 01:22PM    #
  9. also, if you couldn’t decide between voting Republican or a Demarcate in the last election, then your spelling and grammar are the least of your problems.
       —daveSomers    Jul. 21 '05 - 09:21PM    #
  10. No, dude, “ignoriant” is funny because you’re trying to denigrate the intelligence of someone else, you Republican douchebag. Oh, and Spawn and Toddd McFarlane both suck ass.
       —js    Jul. 21 '05 - 09:48PM    #
  11. thanks I think, I will work more on my grammer when I get the time. I should have just left the first paragraph thought. And I take your criticism it makes sense what you said. It has been helpfull for me.

    this last election was my first and before I did not care or have interest in politics and I did not want to go off just what every one else said so I studied it out and I have become interested and found it important to learn about politics.
    this is what I ment with I could not decide.

    A few suggestions

    Michael Moore is a big fat stupid white man by:David T. Hardy & Jason Clarke

    Fahrenhype 9/11 dvd

    WMD: Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein dvd

    Uncle Saddam By: Joel Soler dvd watch the special features of joel soler talking about the movie and going to Iraq.

    then perhaps read all Micheal Moores books and do your own research on what he says and dont just go off of what he says or any one else. do the research.

    just a suggestion
       —michael hates america    Jul. 21 '05 - 11:21PM    #
  12. spawn I only liked to study the art style I dont care to much about the story lines or spawn or what ever.

    halt deine Klapper mit diese veraechtlich Doff. Ich versuche nur die wahrheit zwischen die luegen.

    ich habe kein zeit mehr tschuess
       —michael hates america    Jul. 21 '05 - 11:40PM    #
  13. hey, “michal (sic) hates america” dude,

    you hate america!

    i know thee are, but what be i?,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 22 '05 - 03:28AM    #
  14. I love my country just becuase I dont like moore it does not mean that I hate America your being stupid.

    I dont understand why people support this guy I mean read is books and research the facts and you will find the truth about him.

    support are troops
    support there efforts

    storys from are soldiers who have been to Iraq and so fourth or are you going to only listen to moore all hail micheal moore the prophet of the left wing.

    research it research it research it

    When I read books or seen movies on Micheal or by Moore but I dont just leave it at that and what the book says I research it. like if I am refrence of an report im going to go out and find it myself and see what it says instead of oh okay what ever you say micheal or who ever it is.

    research it if you really wat to learn truth.

    what ever my only reasan I wrote anything at all was to let you understand what brandon said. becuase mike was born in flint but he trys to say he grew up there but he grew up in the suburbs of Davision he claims to have grown up in flint in a interview with Ron Sheldon, “Exclusive Interview with Michael Moore of TV Nation,� People’s Weekly World(september 23, 1995. Available from

    okay finished fartig tschuess ich liebe Amerika der beste land im die Welt.
       —michael hates america    Jul. 22 '05 - 05:13AM    #
  15. Hey, MHA, you’re getting better. Sorry if I was kind of mean earlier, but keep working on it. And keep thinking for yourself. I mostly don’t agree with you, but I appreciate the effort you’re putting in to learning more about the issues. For another perspective, try to read the New York Times a few times a week—you can get it on-line at They’re essentially slanted to the left, but there are some smart centrists like David Brooks on the opinion pages.
       —Parking Structure Dude!    Jul. 22 '05 - 01:23PM    #
  16. dude, to set the record straight,

    as a journalist, as a left-wing journalist, i can say that michael moore rubs me the wrong way in many respects…i agree with his politics, but indeed, a lot of what he does in his films is disingenious…

    that said, a lack of journalist integrety doesn’t mean he hates america…

    but i know who does hate america!

    right wing assholes…

    just for fun,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 22 '05 - 01:45PM    #