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...White Allies Training...

21. January 2005 • MarkDilley
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What does it mean to be a white activist working with communities of color? How does white privilege affect our organizing? How do we make better groups and better coalitions?

January 28th, Friday, 6pm
Michigan League, Henderson Room


Student Voices in Action is sponsoring a training led by Anjali Thakur, Vice-President of the Leadership Council on Civil Rights, the nations oldest civil rights organization. The council has years of experience creating diverse coalitions, and also helping white activists work in solidarity with communities of color on civil rights issues. The format of the training will be that of a moderated discussion between activists from the progressive communit, gear toward white progressives sharing, elaboratng, and workshopping their experiences as allies, and how to learn from one another please contact Ryan Bates ( ) or Lisa Bakale-Wise ( ) with questions, and RSVP to Ryan.