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Enders Reports Chaos in Iraq

21. January 2005 • Ari Paul
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David Enders’ latest dispatch from Iraq appears in the Nation this week, after the author escaped being showered with glass after a car bombing in Baghdad.

From the Nation:

“My house was destroyed,” said Umm Hussein, whose husband returned to Falluja in January to find their belongings unsalvageable. She cradles her sick son in her arms. “Every house in our neighborhood was destroyed. We have nothing left. How can I take my baby to the hospital?”

Sheik Hussein Abo Ahmed, who acts as a de facto head of the camp, led a demonstration in front of the Green Zone to demand greater rights for the refugees. Among their demands were unfettered return, compensation for destroyed homes and dead family members, and the right of journalists to be let into the city to film the damage.

“I saw one of the boys in the camp yesterday playing with a toy gun, and I asked him, ‘Why don’t you play with a soccer ball,’ and he said, ‘It is because I want to kill American soldiers for killing my uncle and my father,’” Hussein said.

Enders is a University alum and a former news reporter at the Michigan Daily. His book, Baghdad Bulletin, will be available on University of Michigan Press in April.