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Farmer's Market Update & Journalism Quality

7. February 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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photo of tomatoes at Ann Arbor's Farmer's Market
Local food blogger Micha Hershman at Relish! updates us on the state of plans to upgrade the Farmer’s Market, which will include a reconfiguration to improve foot-traffic flow, additional stalls, and other improvements:

The Arbor Farmers Market will not receive it’s long-needed face lift any time soon.


The majority of folks on the City Council oppose the changes as stated, as do some of the vendors. Everyone seems to agree that change must come, but a 7-4 vote shows that the people in power aren’t supportive of the current plan.

Ah well. Another season of delicious farm fresh produce at reasonable prices- another season of bumping into shambling hippies reeking of patchouli and pushing double wide strollers.

He also takes a dig at the quality of journalism at our University daily:

Here’s a link to the preposterously-lacking-in-facts-but-ripe-with-pithy-quotations Michigan Daily article. Link

Here’s a better link to the Ann Arbor News story. Link

Note the radical disparity in journalistic prowess.

(Image from Relish! )

  1. Personally, I find both of those links fairly ugly, but both load the pages they claim to be pointing to. I don’t see how one is better than the other?

    Oh! He means “a link to a better story” and not “a better link”.

    (No matter how snarky you are about other people’s writing, somebody else can be snarkier about yours. . .)
       —Murph    Feb. 8 '05 - 01:45AM    #