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15. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
Email this article is a community-based, group-edited news blog targeting the Ann Arbor and University of Michigan communities. Since two of our core editors will be moving away from Ann Arbor at the end of the summer, the site is accepting applications for new writers. We are looking to recruit a first, second, or third year U-M student interested in working on an innovative and exciting project. No advanced computer skills are required. We are also interested in broading the diversity of interests and backgrounds of our writers. If you are interested, please send your name, a brief bio, and a brief description of why you would be a good addition to the group to arborupdate at

  1. Conservatives need not apply. Let’s keep Justin Seibert-type minorities away as well. Any minority who is too minority-esque would not fit the goals of ArborUpdate.

    We’re looking to broaden our diversity of interests in that we’re looking for people who support Cuba-style Communism, not just Maoism. But Trotsky-ite Socialism is out of the question.

    We’re looking for minorities who are not white (for credibility’s sake…we don’t actually want a minority writer, we just want to appeal to a broader audience…which, regretably, includes minorities…) but are not, as we said, “minorityesque.”

    So as long as you are flamingly liberal, rich, have views that do not diverge noticeably from what we have already posted, are willing to make arrogant/ignorant/libelous claims about the right, are somewhat brownish in color and preferably female or transgendered, then it sounds like a good fit.

    Otherwise, thanks but no thanks.

       —Arborupdate Management    Jun. 16 '04 - 07:42PM    #
  2. dear anonymous coward (probobly t.j.),
    its dustin, not justin (seibert)...

    au has no “mangement”,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jun. 16 '04 - 08:00PM    #
  3. Hey folks, did you see that? Our “management” says we’re all rich! I suppose that means the checks are in the mail…

    Jollies aside, I just wanted to make sure it was blindingly obvious that comment #1 above was penned by some anonymous coward™ and not by one of us.
       —Brian    Jun. 17 '04 - 10:56AM    #
  4. Eh. I’d volunteer, were it not for that being a student bit.
    Well, that and obviously, as a obscenely wealthy Neo-Straussian Eskimo-Portuguese halfbreed, you’ve already covered my demographic. That is, of course, what the Managment just said, right?
       —js    Jun. 17 '04 - 12:27PM    #
  5. I may only be 16, but I have the mind of a 50 yr old. I’m very creative, and stylish with what I right. I won’t put down any slop and try to serve it to you. I’ve been writing for about 4 yrs. I have written 8 books in the process of those 8 yrs, and plan to write many more!

       —Cherell    Feb. 2 '07 - 01:15PM    #
  6. see comment #1 — you have to be stylish with what you left, not with what you right.

    furthermore, AU has more than enough editors with the minds of 50-year olds!

       —peter honeyman    Feb. 3 '07 - 11:11PM    #