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Granholm offers public works kickstart to State economy

9. February 2005 • Murph
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Last night, Governor Granholm presented her unfortunately titled State of the State address, Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow.

Among the highlights,

  • Granholm wants to condense the next decade of public works projects into the next three years, in order to create immediate jobs.
  • Granholm proposes a $2 billion state bond (to be put before voters in November) to sponsor energy research: “This investment in Michigan’s future will allow us to transform the state that put the nation on wheels into the state that makes those wheels run on pollution-free fuel cells or bio-diesel technology; the state where the research into alternative energies is done; the state where the clean technology is developed, and where the clean cars, products, and businesses are built.”
  • Granholm proposes raising the minimum wage by $2/hour.
  • Granholm is replacing the current $2500 Merit Scholarship to high school students scoring well on standardized tests with a $4000 scholarship to all students completing two years of college.
  • Granholm asked school districts to consolidate services for increased efficiency, and asked the legislature for the power to force consolidation in districts that fail to do so voluntarily.

Predictably, State Republicans were nonplussed.

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