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Ann Arbor Car Co-op Launches

10. February 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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The Ann Arbor Community Car Cooperative, is now looking for members:

The Ann Arbor Community Car Cooperative (A2C3) has completed its initial trial phase and is now actively seeking new members. A2C3 is a car share program that was launched with one car and a closed membership in July of 2004. Having worked out many operational details, the cooperative is now seeking new members needing occasional car use. A2C3 has one car stationed on the near west side of Ann Arbor. As membership grows, additional cars will be added around Ann Arbor.

> via the Michigan Independent Media Center

  1. The San Francisco Bay area has a program that sounds similar to this already established. For more info see It’s great to see this coming to Ann Arbor!
       —Steve    Feb. 11 '05 - 06:29AM    #
  2. We talked to City Carshare a little when we were starting up A2C3 (oh so long ago), and one of the co-founders used to work for ZipCar in Boston, so we’ve been looking to both of those operations.
       —Murph    Feb. 11 '05 - 06:18PM    #