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Max & Erma's rejects AIDS event

12. February 2005 • MarkDilley
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via The Courier-Journal and an email I received:

“SUMMARY: Another sign of the times. This story concerns a local restaurant, Max & Erma’s, that’s part of a chain throughout the Midwest. It has a program where non-profit charitable groups can hold fundraisers at a particular restaurant and collect 20% of the profits. But last week, when a Louisville AIDS group asked to participate, it was turned down. Last night on WHAS-TV’s 11 pm newscast, Linda Underwood, spokesperson for the group, alleged that the restaurant told her it does not allow AIDS fundraisers on its premises because of the “negative political fallout” such a fundraiser might cause.

I don’t think Max & Erma’s has seen anything like the negative political fallout it’s about to experience.—David Williams, The Letter, Louisville

Corporate headquarters is 4849 Evanswood Dr., Columbus, OH 43229; phone: 614/431-5800: ask to speak to Mr. Robin Yocum. Their web site is at . They have a button, “Contact us,” that’s designed mainly for customers of the chain to leave comments about the food, but I figured it might be an easy way for people to lodge their protests. I left my comments there.”

  1. Hi, well Max and Ermas is about to do it again but this time allow a non profit organ to hold a fundraiser on their premises without any knowledge of what this organ has been a part of. The organ is Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue (GRIN). A former member of GRIN, former just since Sept 2005 falsely identified herself as Susan Enlow from Hudson Ohio and did not mention she was a long time member of GRIN. Due to a crises in our family we placed an ad in the newspaper to find someone to care for our pets. Enlow agreed to care for our two golden retrievers for ONE week and return them but she changed her mind and refused. Our family with a then 3 and 6 year old suffered extreme pain. Police could not help due to Enlow lieing about her name. Eight months later I found Enlow as she was coming out of a GRIN monthly meeting. Her real name is Sandy Strebler from Bath/Richfield Ohio and the member in charge of intake at GRIN. Strebler has presently formed her own rescue called Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue.
    I downloaded and saved photos of our pets which were found on the GRIN website advertising our pets for sale. Our pets were sold (they say adopted out – it sounds better to them) and never returned. Grin leaders and members were made aware of the fact that they had our pets and were not suppose to sell them. We communicated to Grin that this Enlow woman lied to us but GRIN leaders had denied having our pets in the beginning and today, two years later, still refuse to return our pets because they say SANDY STREBLER SAID I SOLD OUR PETS TO HER. That is a lie. I did not sell our pets. On top of this GRIN sues our family for $125K for defamation. Just what I am writing here, THE TRUTH. Well this Max and Ermas is in Westlake, Ohio and they will be hearing from me BEFORE the fundraiser to have a chance to save themselves. I plan to protest and have many animal rescue particpants, reporters, journalists, whoever I can get to join me. This is just for your information as I know you may not be interested due to location. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions, want to see some proof or can help our family in anyway. I am still trying to locate our pets. Thank you Kimberly Medved 330-465-8442

       —kim medved    Mar. 3 '06 - 08:00PM    #