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17. February 2005 • MarkDilley
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Meet at 4:45pm today, outside Hale Aud. in the B-School (Hill and Tappan) wearing red to hand out fact sheets and PROTEST Coke and the fact that university money is being used to host a panel of corporate speakers (Erb Institute/CEMP Speaker Series, Net Impact and Starbucks present Surviving Scrutiny: Corporations in the Age of Global Business, starting at 5pm). The discussion will include a representative from Coca-Cola who will try to paint a rosy picture of Coke’s record, despite the fact that it is:

Causing Severe Water Shortages for Communities Across India (water table has dropped 125ft)
Polluting groundwater and soil around its bottling facilities
Distributing its toxic waste as “fertilizer” to farmers
Selling drinks with extremely high levels of pesticides (farmers have started to buy Coke in place of pesticides)

Be there in solidarity tomorrow for: the people of India (
the Coke union workers in Colombia killed off by paramilitary associated with Coke (
the child laborers in El Salvador on the sugar cane plantations Coke subcontractors buy from (
the Africans working for Coke who have AIDS/HIV but whose health needs are ignored by their employers (