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VALIDATING THE SCRUTINY: The Straight Dope on Coke

17. February 2005 • MarkDilley
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“In response to Thursday’s “Surviving Scrutiny” event at the Business School, which will include Coca-Cola rep, Karen Flanders, discussing “the challenges of multi-national business in a world where corporations are coming under increasing scrutiny,” the UM Killer Coke Coalition presents a counter event to hear from those directly affected by Coca-Cola’s numerous labor and human rights violations.”

via Michigan IMC

  1. i am thankful that you are helping spread the word on what the campaign is doing on campus at umich. but we dont call ourselves the killer coke campaign. the killer part is strongly associated with the columbian offenses and their violations are much broader. plus it is a name that has been used on campus to make us appear foolish and is somethign we would rather avoid.

    you may find it interesting that coca-cola is sending PR representatives to the MSA (student gov.) in an attempt to block a student resolution proposed by our campaign.
       —Benjmain Grimshaw    Feb. 20 '05 - 09:48PM    #