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WFUM airing controversial "Postcards" episode today

18. February 2005 • Murph
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The PBS children’s show Postcards from Buster has come under fire for an episode that includes two couples of lesbian mothers and their children, including a condemnation from US Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling. In response to the criticism, PBS decided not to distribute the episode.

Thanks to a letter to the editor from Amy Drake of Ann Arbor in today’s Ann Arbor News, I’ve learned that the PBS member station that produces “Postcards” is making the episode available anyways, and that Flint station WFUM will be airing it at 4pm today. WFUM is broadcast on channel 28, and is available on Comcast in Ann Arbor on channel 24.

If just watching the episode isn’t enough for you, you can make a pledge to WGBH (Boston), the station that produces “Postcards”, or pledge to WFUM (Flint) in support of their decision to show the episode.