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Intellectual Diversity Crisis?

27. February 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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Following a survey showing only 13% of Stanford’s faculty are Republican, Aaron Swartz discovers that Republicans aren’t the only underrepresented ideologues and intellectuals at Stanford:

Scary as this is, my preliminary research has discovered some even more shocking facts. I have found that only 1% of Stanford professors believe in telepathy (defined as “communication between minds without using the traditional five senses”), compared with 36% of the general population. And less than half a percent believe “people on this earth are sometimes possessed by the devil”, compared with 49% of those outside the ivory tower. And while 25% of Americans believe in astrology (“the position of the stars and planets can affect people’s lives”), I could only find one Stanford professor who would agree. (All numbers are from mainstream polls, as reported by Sokal.)

This dreadful lack of intellectual diversity is a serious threat to our nation’s youth, who are quietly being propagandized by anti-astrology radicals instead of educated with different points of view. Were I to discover that there were no blacks on the Stanford faculty, the Politically Correct community would be all up in arms. But they have no problem squeezing out prospective faculty members whose views they disagree with.

> Intellectual Diversity at Stanford
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  1. 49% of people believe that the Devil sometimes posesses other people?
    God, save me from your flock.
       —js    Feb. 28 '05 - 05:40PM    #