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16. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Here are some stories of note from the Ann Arbor News:

> AANews: “Suspected drug dealer charged in fatal overdose”
> AANews: “U-M athletes’ house burns” (Photo of house)
> AANews: “Eastern President Resigns”

This from the Freep story already cited on this site:

“Death’s specter grows

Ann Arbor Detective Bill Stanford never knew Jennifer Andrews during her short, troubled life. But it is his job to investigate Gardenhire’s alleged role in her death.

Andrews had lived in foster care in her native Alaska and been adopted as a teenager, Stanford said. She moved to Adrian and had been studying to be a paramedic. But recently Andrews had been living at a treatment center for women addicts on South State Street, about five blocks from the Packard house, until shortly before her March 14 overdose.

“We believe her death is directly related to Gardenhire’s illegal narcotics business,” Stanford said. “She never caught a break. She was a young girl who didn’t deserve to die the way she died. She was trying to do well.”

Glynis Anderson ran the drug rehabilitation center where Andrews had been staying. She declined to comment on Andrews, citing client confidentiality policies. But Anderson is alarmed by the resurgence of heroin. Five clients or former clients have overdosed in the last six months, she said.

“Heroin is on the rise in the last four years all over, not just in Washtenaw County,” Anderson said. “But prevention programs are targeting lower classes and it’s the middle-class kids who are buying and selling it.

“That house is getting attention because it’s next to U-M,” Anderson said, referring to the Packard house. “But there are plenty of other drug houses in Washtenaw County not getting attention. If we’re going to clean it up, we need to clean it up all over.”