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Coke Campaign: Monday Action

7. March 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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Take heed:

******Pack The Room!*********

The Purchasing Department will make it’s recommendation to the Dispute Review Board on Coke tomorrow,

Monday, 3:30pm, Anderson Rm. (union)

It is critical to show student support at this meeting! The meeting was even moved to a bigger room by the administration in anticipation of huge student turnout-

so we better come!

Wear red! Be ready to tell the board what you think!

also, don’t forget, meeting Sunday night in the banner making room on the fourth floor of the union.



the purchasing department is in charge of buying stuff for the university. the ethical purchasing dispute review board is in charge of making sure that all purchasing and licensing decisions made by the university are in line with our codes of conduct, and making recommendations to the President as to those codes. Purchasing makes a recommendation to the board after an investigation. This is one of the first steps in disputing a contract.

UPDATE – 3/7 2:10pm
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